Out-of-State Car Transport

Andrew Duane aduane at juniper.net
Tue Jul 1 11:38:33 PDT 2008

I live in NH, and bought my last A6 in PA. I just picked up my temp
plates at town hall and flew out to PA with them, put them on the car,
and drove back. Most states have some kind of 20-day temp plate, MA is a
notable exception I think. The buyer in NY should be able to figure this

quattro-bounces at audifans.com wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm sure some of you have bought and sold cars to or from
> out-of-state buyers.  I'm in the process of selling an Audi
> A4 to someone in NY.  I live in VA.  Once a bill of sale and
> title are exchanged, is there a way for the buyer to drive
> the car back to his home state?
> I checked the VA and NY DMV sites.  I found that Virginia
> offers a trip permit but only for in-state residents or for
> folks who will register there vehicle in Virginia.  I didn't
> find anything on the NY DMV site - yet.
> I guess the buyer could tow the vehicle back but if I were in
> the buyers position, I'd rather drive back so that I could
> check the vehicle out properly.  I could also let the buyer
> drive off with my plates but this would be the least
> desirable option and have an agreement that the buyer mail
> the plates back once he got to his destination.
> Any experiences?


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