Out-of-State Car Transport

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Tue Jul 1 11:59:46 PDT 2008

> I live in NH, and bought my last A6 in PA. I just picked up my temp
> plates at town hall and flew out to PA with them, put them on the car,
> and drove back. Most states have some kind of 20-day temp plate, MA is a
> notable exception I think. The buyer in NY should be able to figure this
> out.

Yes, the NH/MA clash is a pain.  In MA you get your plates *before* 
buying the car, most everywhere else you get them *after*.

I recommend the NY buyer ask his local friendly vehicle registering 
folks (town hall, DMV, whatever) what he can do.

Here in NH I think you have to have a bill of sale in hand to get the 
paper plates.

>> I'm sure some of you have bought and sold cars to or from
>> out-of-state buyers.  I'm in the process of selling an Audi
>> A4 to someone in NY.  I live in VA.  Once a bill of sale and
>> title are exchanged, is there a way for the buyer to drive
>> the car back to his home state?
>> I checked the VA and NY DMV sites.  I found that Virginia
>> offers a trip permit but only for in-state residents or for
>> folks who will register there vehicle in Virginia.  I didn't
>> find anything on the NY DMV site - yet.
>> I guess the buyer could tow the vehicle back but if I were in
>> the buyers position, I'd rather drive back so that I could
>> check the vehicle out properly.  I could also let the buyer
>> drive off with my plates but this would be the least
>> desirable option and have an agreement that the buyer mail
>> the plates back once he got to his destination.
>> Any experiences?
> /Andrew
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