Scrapping 44's

cobram at cobram at
Tue Jul 1 13:07:59 PDT 2008

Been in a sweltering Euroland for the last month (they have AC, just wish
they'd turn the damn things on once in a while)...are they REALLY get
this much for scrap?  If so I'm going to scrap my current fleet and buy a
semi-new 500SL with the proceeds when I get back.

"God's a kid with an ant farm, lady. He's not planning anything."

Tom Winter <tom at> writes:
, " From: JordanVw at wrote:
> > i stopped a guy on
> > the way to the scrapyard with a '90 audi 200 turbo on his 
> trailer..    the car
> > ran and drove, but had a leaky PS rack.   he said he can get $700 
> for it at
> > the 
> > scales just by scrapping it..
> You should have bought it for $800 and then sold it to the list for 
> $1000.
> That would have given you $200 for your 4th of July kegger! (or 
> better yet,
> $200 for your Oktoberfest bash).  :-)
> Tom '95 S6 Avant (worth more than a sedan because Avants have more 
> metal for
> the scrap guy)


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