Out-of-State Car Transport

Kent McLean kentmclean at comcast.net
Tue Jul 1 17:36:22 PDT 2008

mkb wrote:
> I could also let the buyer drive off with my plates ...

This is a bad idea. Very bad. Don't do it.

Getting the vehicle home is the buyer's problem.  He/she can hire a flat bed
truck to have it trucked back to NY. They can have a friend drive them down
to VA to pick it up. Or they can fly/train/bus down to VA to drive it home on
their NY plates.

If you've got a willing friend, you could deliver it for a fee. Have your
friend follow you there and drive you home. Make it worth your (and your
friend's) time and effort. If it's southern VA and northern NY at the
Canadian border, make it real expensive for them.

I live in NH. I just bought a BMW (2 wheeler, not 4) in MD.  Sight unseen.
A friend in MD took a look at it and pronounced it OK. Deposited my $ in
his account, and waited and worried and waited and sweated But after a few
days, I got the title in the mail.  I registered it in NH and got plates
for it. I rode my old bike down to PA to give to my son. He drove me the
2 hours to MD to pick up my new bike. I put the NH plates on the new bike
and rode home to NH.  Maybe your NY buyer can do something similar.

Kent McLean
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