Out-of-State Car Transport

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NH, land of no tax, but fees for everything, used to
make people register their boat in NH to use it in
NH. This even applied to boats registered in another
state. That fell by the wayside, but you still must
register your four wheeler, dirt bike, or snowmobile
in NH to use it there even if registered elsewhere.

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  >> I live in NH. I just bought a BMW (2 wheeler,
  not 4) in MD. Sight unseen.
  >> A friend in MD took a look at it and pronounced
  it OK. Deposited my $ in
  >> his account, and waited and worried and waited
  and sweated But after a few
  >> days, I got the title in the mail. I registered
  it in NH and got plates
  >> for it. I rode my old bike down to PA to give
  to my son. He drove me the
  >> 2 hours to MD to pick up my new bike. I put the
  NH plates on the new bike
  >> and rode home to NH. Maybe your NY buyer can do
  something similar.
  >Isn't it funny that we have to deal with this
  crap, "inside one country!"?
  >Huw Powell
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