Out-of-State Car Transport

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It's all about squeezing every dollar possible out
of people.
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  >Huw Powell wrote:
  >>> I live in NH. I just bought a BMW (2 wheeler,
  not 4) in MD. Sight unseen.
  >>> A friend in MD took a look at it and
  pronounced it OK. Deposited my $ in
  >>> his account, and waited and worried and waited
  and sweated But after a few
  >>> days, I got the title in the mail. I
  registered it in NH and got plates
  >>> for it. I rode my old bike down to PA to give
  to my son. He drove me the
  >>> 2 hours to MD to pick up my new bike. I put
  the NH plates on the new bike
  >>> and rode home to NH. Maybe your NY buyer can
  do something similar.
  >> Isn't it funny that we have to deal with this
  crap, "inside one country!"?
  >Yeah, that's exactly what I wanted to say. Being
  european, I guess we have
  >less trouble buying car even from other country
  >And I don't get it how you can travel across the
  states, but you can't drive
  >someone else's car to your home without dancing
  around fire with tags?
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