Wheel Fitment on 1994 100

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Thanks Grant.

I'm most concerned with interference with the upper suspension arm(name?) on the front struts.?? It seems tight now, but maybe the larger diameter wheel will gain me enough lateral clearance?

I'll crawl under the car today and see what I've got.



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I believe they should fit 225/45 would be closer to same OD.?
The offset is correct. I'm pretty sure I once put one of my '00 S4 wheels on my 95 A6q?
Unless I forgot, it fit.?
On Jul 13, 2008, at 11:00 AM, jimbon88 at aol.com wrote:?
> Hello Everyone,?
> I have a 1994 100CS non-Q(unfortunately) and would like your > collective advice on wheel fitment for it.??
> I am interested in some new wheels for it and would like to know if?> anyone has tried to fit current Audi 17" x 7.5" ET45?wheels with > 235/45R17 tires on a?100 model.?? I suppose a C4 A6 would also have > the same?fitment issues so please?let me know your thoughts.?? ?I > currently have?Audi?A6 16" wineglass wheels on it with the standard > 205/55R16 tires, but I am most concerned about the larger size > wheels and tires rubbing anything on the front suspension.??? I > look forward to hearing from anyone who's tried this.?
> Thanks for your help.?
> Jim Gearhart?
> 1994 100CS?
> 2004 Allroad??
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