'96 A6 Quattro Avant check engine light

Kent McLean kentmclean at comcast.net
Tue Jul 15 03:32:27 PDT 2008

Kevin Smith wrote:
> I had thought about taking it to Autozone to get the code pulled at 
> least, but I have a buddy that has an obd II scanner as well, so I may 
> have him come by and test it for me so I'll know what it is.
> Do you know if there is anything electrical that might cause the light 
> to trip? 

The ODB-II CEL can be tripped by any number of things, including
a loose gas cap (for the evaporative part of the emissions).
That's why they have ODB-II readers and codes.

Don't expect to get a nice explanation of the problem from the
scanner, either. The code will be just that, a number that you
then need to look up. The VAG-COM reader will give you much
better info, but the generic scanner should work.

Kent McLean
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