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Tue Jul 22 15:57:07 PDT 2008

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Michael McLaughlin <mcloffs at> wrote:  Hello everyone. I'm having some crazy ideas (and, for once, my wife 
is behind me on these crazy ideas) and I'm hoping the list can talk 
some sense into me. Or confirm I'm not crazy. Or, probably, both.

In a nutshell, we're thinking of replacing our A4 with an older Audi 
-- probably something along the lines of a five-cylinder S6, or 
perhaps even a 90 quattro. Our A4 (a 1999.5 1.8T five-speed Avant) 
replaced a 1995 90, and after a few years of ownership we can't help 
but think in some ways the A4 was a downgrade.

The A4 has a lot going for it, but it's also been the most 
troublesome Audi of the three we've owned. Additionally -- and more 
importantly, to my wife especially -- the A4 doesn't have the old 
German car feel that it'll last forever. Our older Audis had a very 
different, more solid feel on the road, and also felt like they were 
built to survive anything short of a direct nuclear strike.

Anyway, any thoughts/input/etc. on this issue would be appreciated. I 
can't help but think that buying a car that old (even if we find one 
in spectacular condition) is a bad idea in a lot of ways, but man, I 
miss my old Audis.

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