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Tue Jul 22 18:30:54 PDT 2008

Michael - if you don't buy that V8 then I'm going to!


They can be expen$ive to repair, but it sounds like all the major stuff has 
already been done.


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  Kneale Brownson <knealeski at> wrote:
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  Whoops, forgot that if you're not on the V8 list you wouldn't know:

   Hi All,
  My how things change.  That said, I'm going to go a little Roger on
  all and start the process of putting my '91 V8 up for sale.
  As is the case with cars worth less than the value the owner places
  them, I won't let it go for 50 bucks -- but I am also realistic about
  things.  So in the off chance there's someone dying to throw me an
  offer, I'm holding off on publicizing a firm price... ballpark:  it'd
be on
  the cheap end of the $5k to $10k range.
  Anyway, here's the deal:
  1991 5-speed
  ~220k miles
  White / black
  Runs great, goes like stink
Feels dead-on solid from walking speed to 160 mph
Factory radio w/ 6-disc changer
  Exceptionally clean & straight exterior
  Interior standard V8 excellence (Comfort seats)
  A/C properly converted to 134, cold cold cold
  Recently replaced every sub-frame bushing, front and rear
  Recent rear brake system overhaul
  Recent OEM battery
  Extra set urS4 wheels with slightly-used snow tires
  Extra pair of black sport seats but one has a small tear in butt area
  Cool stuff:
  -- Engine is a 4.2 ABH that Keith / AudiConnection installed a few
  years back; there's some pics on Bruce's site (now
  -- Semi-comp Spec clutch... super smooth take-up, zero slippage ever.
  Has about 30k on it... (Original disc had 190k when replaced,
  -- Repainted alpine / pearl white; appears contemporary but not
  street-punk-like....  The respray was very comprehensive... if it
weren't for
  having a good friend in the biz, I'd have never been able to afford
  -- BIRA brake conversion with 996/Brembo calipers and big drilled
  -- OEM Evo trunk spoiler (the only one in the US, s'far as I know)
  -- Euro headlights, CAC clear corner lites and side repeaters
  -- Koni / H&R suspension
  -- Exhaust:  gutted cats, Magnaflow center (SS), OE 4.2 rear muffler
  Stuff I'd do next if I weren't selling:
  -- Sunroof headliner is crap
  -- ABS light always on
  -- Needs tires like nobody's business (17")
  -- Valve seals (occasional smoke puff on startup)
  -- Rear defrost (suspect switch)
  -- Radio works fine, though the door speakers act up every full moon
  -- Rearview mirror set screw needs tightening
  -- A couple-few interior lights out
  Stuff that I'd never do:
  -- Fix the driver's side seat heater
  Anyway, I'm forgetting stuff for sure.  Let me know if you know
  who might like additional info.
  Dave Coleman
  Wilmington, DE
  Kneale Brownson <knealeski at> wrote:
   Buy the Coleman V8
  Michael McLaughlin wrote: Hello everyone. I'm having some crazy ideas
(and, for once, my wife
  is behind me on these crazy ideas) and I'm hoping the list can talk
  some sense into me. Or confirm I'm not crazy. Or, probably, both.
  In a nutshell, we're thinking of replacing our A4 with an older Audi
  -- probably something along the lines of a five-cylinder S6, or
  perhaps even a 90 quattro. Our A4 (a 1999.5 1.8T five-speed Avant)
  replaced a 1995 90, and after a few years of ownership we can't help
  but think in some ways the A4 was a downgrade.
  The A4 has a lot going for it, but it's also been the most
  troublesome Audi of the three we've owned. Additionally -- and more
  importantly, to my wife especially -- the A4 doesn't have the old
  German car feel that it'll last forever. Our older Audis had a very
  different, more solid feel on the road, and also felt like they were
  built to survive anything short of a direct nuclear strike.
  Anyway, any thoughts/input/etc. on this issue would be appreciated. I
  can't help but think that buying a car that old (even if we find one
  in spectacular condition) is a bad idea in a lot of ways, but man, I
  miss my old Audis.
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