86 coupe a/c belt

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Great, at least I'm not missing a critical part.  I will get a new belt and report back.  I'll also try to tighten the tension with that bolt on the a/c bracket.  It's already pretty tight.  And you guys are right, that belt sure vibrates alot.  Thanks for the advice and I'll let you know what happens.

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> I need some help identifying  a part of my a/c system.  I cannot seem
> to get the belt to stop squealing while I'm at idle.  There appears
> to be a small cylinder shaped part, about an inch long that can be
> adjusted closer to the a/c belt, maybe acting as a tensioner of some
> type.  However, the part does not spin like a normal pulley tensioner
> which leads me to believe my assessment is wrong.  I can't believe it
> would be a good idea to have the moving belt be in constant contact
> with a stationary part.  Seems like a sure way to wear your belt out
> really fast.  Is there supposed to be a pulley there?  I can't find
> an illustration anywhere in the Bentley.  The belt is the same one
> that was on the car when I bought it.  It looks small and seats
> really far down in the crank pulley.  Don't know if that would matter
> though.  At driving speed, everything works great.  Any thoughts?

There certainly is no tensioner like that.

I'd say a good start would be to replace the belt (with a good 
euro-profile brand like Continental, might as well do all 3 at the same 
time...) and get the tension right, see if that helps.

If you think the belt is in really good shape, try tightening it at the 
AC pump adjustment.

Huw Powell



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