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I LOVE it! I traded my 2003 G35 with 80,00 miles on it for the new
HHR...just about an even trade. Great little truck. What I love most is the
gas mileage, I've averaged over 29mpg overall for the past  850 miles. On
the highway at a steady 65mph I can get 34-35mpg and if I back down to 55-60
it gets about 36.5. Quiet, comfy (mushy suspensions are great for
Baltimore's terrible roads), and fuel efficient. Interior is nothing
compared to an Audi, or even the Infiniti, but the trade off was worth it.
I've got a new car, warranty, better fuel mileage and still have no car
payment. The wife and I are doing it up retro 50s steelies, baby
moon hubcaps & trim rings, wide white walls, chrome bumpers/trim, old school
badging, etc. It will go great with my wife's hobby...pinup modeling. :P

Baltimore, MD
-Audiless for now
-Wanted: 1987 CGT Triple White

On 7/24/08, kentmclean at <kentmclean at> wrote:
> David Ullrich wrote:
> > I have the same plates on my new 2008 Chevy HHR that were
> > issued to my father in 1980 for his 1981 Audi 4000 5+5 (which he gave me
> in
> > 1993 and I terribly regret selling)...those plates have been on at least
> a
> > half dozen cars of mine since then.
> My SO's mother has her late husband's plates.  They're NH 5-digit
> plates. Not as good as 4-digits (or 3, or 2, or just 1), but they've
> been in the family for years and will be passed on, probably to her
> brother. NH has gone to 7 digit plates, thus making 5 even more
> special.
> Me? I like my 7 digits -- more chances for errors recording it if I get
> caught doing something naughty.
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