Strange temporary no start

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Fri Jul 25 10:53:32 PDT 2008

Had the same thought Kent...I'm sure I'll be able to collect data over
the next few days to see if it was just coincidental - or if in fact it
occurs only when the after-run fan is on..

Vittorio -

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Bares, Vittorio wrote:
> Symptom: Drive for some significant amount of time, stop, turn motor
> off, go into store, come back, turn ignition - lights come on but no
> starter.
> During this time the anti-vapor lock fan is blowing on the injectors -
> once the fan stops blowing, turn ignition, starter engages - she
> right up.

My first thought was "ignition switch", but it starting after the
after-run fan
stops is throwing me.  I still say "ignition switch".

Kent McLean
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