Help Needed -- 1988 5000KSQ

b1biker at b1biker at
Sun Jul 27 13:43:13 PDT 2008

Fellow listers, one more problem in the continuing saga of resurrecting this car. Yesterday I installed a new power steering pump and a 'new' from the boneyard multifunction temp sensor. After completing the work I discovered that once the vehicle reaches operating temp it will no longer rev and has difficulty even pulling itself; it almost seems as though it doesn't have enough fuel. Fuel pump is new but seems to have gotten quite a bit noisier with the onset of this problem. I suspected the temps sensor so replaced it with the original unit but the problem persisted. I pulled the fuel pump to see if the screen was plugged; everything seems to be OK. Any help in finding the source of this problem will be greatly appreciated.
Gary Meier

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