Last Avant question for a while, I hope

Fay Kelley iceisit at
Sun Jul 27 17:01:56 PDT 2008

>>how does one get a warranty on an 11 year old car if I may ask ?
>"Is it worth it" is a whole other discussion.

Has anyone on the list bought one ... I would imagine you all fix your own, LOL   :-)

I was hoping to buy a used one from Audi in Scottsdale and it would have a warranty ...

but the real estate market is slow and I have not worked my way up that far yet.

Do I have to collect from the warranty people, or does Audi bill them?   I would think
I'd send them a bill and then they would reimburse me .... if it is anything like
medical insurance companies or worker's compensation, they probably won't pay ...

don't get me started on people having major surgery and having to leave the hospital
in a few HOURS .... because of insurance companies.     Perhaps I should just pay for
the repairs and forget about warranties unless they come from Audi or Audi dealership
I trust.

Cheers,  Fay

Tennis anyone ?

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