Last Avant question for a while, I hope

Kent McLean kentmclean at
Sun Jul 27 17:22:15 PDT 2008

John Gourley wrote:
>>> how does one get a warranty on an 11 year old car if I may ask ?
>> Why buy from a dealer otherwise?
>  Fay's question about how to get a warranty.... the Avant she bought in
> Tucson....may be because the ad in shows the seller as being a
> private party

She had been talking about looking at cars at dealers. And a car that
clean looks like it has been detailed, usually by a dealer. But from
a private seller, caveat emptor and take it to an independent mechanic
for a pre-purchase evaluation.

As for the blower, I think the expense is more lots of labor, as opposed
to expensive parts. But taking it to a mechanic for that labor may turn
a bargain into an albatross.

Fay, it might be time to buy some wrenches. :)

Kent McLean
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