Last Avant question for a while, I hope -> Family Album

Fay Kelley iceisit at
Mon Jul 28 07:30:36 PDT 2008

>Do you have a copy of the "family album" which gets talked about on
>these lists?

No I don't have one.      

> If not, I am sure some helpful lister would help you
>attain one. 

That would be great, thanks

>Once you have that in hand and on your computer, you can
>look up any part on your car, compleat with exploded view diagrams.


>It helps to see where things are.  The FA is essentially free if you
>get some help.
>The other helpful thing to have is a Bentley manual for your car. 

I have had the Bentley manual for all of my cars ... I just gave the
last set with my last car ....

>You can buy one from the publisher for about $100 or search Fleabay for

FleaBay ... that's too funny.

>The Bentley tells you the "official" way to remove, install, or
>check systems for correct operation.  Gives torque values, electronic
>schematics, and trouble shooting codes.  Well worth the investment if
>you plan on doing any work on an Audi.


Cheers,  Fay

Tennis anyone ?

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