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Fay Kelley iceisit at
Mon Jul 28 12:10:44 PDT 2008

At 8:37 AM -0700 7/28/08, Kneale Brownson wrote:
>Or you can register at 
><>    and do the same 
>thing without having to load ETKA on your computer and figure out 
>how to make it work..  There are just a few "snags" to Vag Cat, 
>however, like the 92-95 S-6 is under the 100s, and a few items in 
>some categories such as suspension parts remain in Russian instead 
>of English.  The extensions (front or rear), however give a hint 
>because they're in English.

Thanks .... that looks like a great site !

what does 'vagcat' stand for ?

I registered, but I can't seem to find the online parts diagrams, if 
I read it correctly ...

thanks for the site recommendation ~ ~ ~

Cheers,  Fay

Tennis anyone ?

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