Squeaky blower fan in Fay's new car

Richard van der Hoff quattro at rvanderhoff.org.uk
Mon Jul 28 16:36:45 PDT 2008

Kent McLean wrote:
> Tom Winter wrote:
>> Tom '96 S6 Avant (fan squeaks sometimes, but the volume always works on the
>> stereo)
> Give it time, it's an Audi. The volume control on the Bose stereo in my
> 200 10V went funky on me. Turn it a hair CCW and it was off. Turn it a
> hair the CW and it went to 10 (or maybe just 8). There was no middle
> ground.

That was a common fault on a bunch of the Blaupunkt radios: see 
http://www.erta.ru/review/chorus-problem_eng.shtml. Although I guess the 
Boses had a whole different set of common faults...

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