the return of the 5-cyl turbo audi....

Robert Myers bob at
Tue Jul 29 05:43:32 PDT 2008

Did I miss something somewhere (again)?  It looks to me like the TT 
RS is a six not a five.


"And, what ingredients would be necessary for a mean 
"Porsche-rear-kicking'" TT? First of all, a brand new 2007 TT, which 
is already available on the market? Second of all, a bored out 
version of the 3.2 liter V6 power with a 3.6-liter displacement 
slightly revved until able to produce 365 bhp. Match that with a high 
end DSG double clutch 7-speed transmission and make all Cayman owners 
get a knot in their throats. Spice all that with RS4-like racing 
bucket seats a flat bottom wheel and some carbon fiber."

Did I miss something?


At 08:37 AM 7/29/2008, kentmclean at wrote:
>David Eaton wrote:
> > is soon to be announced.....
> >
> >
>Do you think Audi figured out that the 5-cyl turbo is their Chevy small block?
>A do-it-all, please-the-modifiers-and-tuners kind of engine.
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