coupe is running...kinda

Huw Powell audi at
Thu Jul 31 20:17:07 PDT 2008

derrick stevens wrote:
> the saga continues, i replaced the battery, then the starter(who
> decided to put the top starter bolt in the world's worst location?)
> filled it with 6 gallons of fresh gas, then i turned the key and it
> cranks just fine.  but not one cough, puff, or backfire.  i checked
> the electricity at the fuel pump and its fine, should i be able to
> feel the pump running during cranking? also, should i check the spark
> somehow? Finally how do you get the digital dash to shut off on this
> posessed car?

Definitely check the spark, best way is a spare plug in a disconnected 
plug wire (to avoid sparking with an open cylinder) or an in-line neon 
spark testing thing.  And check the plugs themselves - are they wet with 
fuel (means you're getting some)?  Are they clean and gapped properly?  Etc.

Huw Powell

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