Highly embarassing DIY Screwup

toomanyaudis at aol.com toomanyaudis at aol.com
Sun Jun 1 20:26:52 PDT 2008

I may not be the first to have done this, but I believe I am the first to admit this publicly...

I've been getting anxious to get my 95 A6q 5 speed back on the road.

I finally got my valve seals replaced today, and I was doing some "little things" before going to bed so that I would be all set to complete the Timing belt this week.

Like an idiot, i managed to force the engine drain bolt through the wrong hole.? Stop laughing, and no "wrong hole" jokes, you sickos.? So, instead of plugging up the engine coolant, the drain bolt is resting between the flywheel and the engine block.

Unfortunately, since there is a new o-ring on the bolt, I won't be able to coax the bolt down the hole from whence it came.? 

How badly did I screw up?? Is there a way to separate the engine and tranny case to give me 1/2 inch or so gap to let the bolt out?

Or, am I looking at pulling the engine and/or tranny to right this horrendous wrong?

Good news is welcomed.? Stories of well-intentioned DIY screwups to make me feel better probably won't, but I wouldn't mind reading them anyway.


Charleston, SC
95 A6Q 5 speed
88 80q

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