Intermittant start

syljay syljay at
Mon Jun 2 09:15:56 PDT 2008

Patient: 1988 5kq

Problem: Intermittant start
Engine will crank, but not start.
Sometimes, you can hear the engine 'cough' as you turn off the 
ignition switch from Crank to Run.
Turn key off and on again, and it starts right up.

This problem usually happens after engine shutdown and the car sits 
for a couple hours.
I dont recall having the problem when starting early in the morning, 
which makes me suspect a temperature related issue with the switch. 
When cold, the contacts mate correctly. When warmed up, the contacts 
need a bit of jiggling to make proper contact.

I'm suspecting the ignition switch.
The switch does not turn smoothly as before, or as smoothly as my 90 100Q.
I'll be testing the switch by turning it on and off a few times and 
jiggling it before cranking the engine. If problem does not appear, 
I'll have it isolated.

Any BTDT on this switch issue?
I've seen many posts on switch issues in prior years. Is my problem 
typical for a failing ignition switch?

Are there any tricks to removing the switch?
Are there any tricks to rebuilding/lubing a switch?

Syljay in NJ

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