Intermittant start

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Tue Jun 3 07:26:44 PDT 2008

> From: Kneale Brownson <knealeski at>
> I don't think you switch is affected by temperature.  
**** On the same car, the wiper switch is intermittant in winter, no 
problem in summer. Wiper switch works ok in winter once the car 
interior has been warmed up for 15 or more minutes - depending on 
outside temperature.

I'd test the hoses and, at 20 years of age, the ignition reference 
sensor--a well established hot start trouble causer.
**** I have the NA engine. I dont think it has the ignition reference 
sensor. It uses the standard Ignition distributor, which fires the 
right plug at the right time when the rotor points at the right plug 
I have replaced the hoses already in the last couple of years. The 
fuel injectors and O rings are about 1 yr old, injector inserts and 
seals have been replaced. But, I'll take another looksee at the hoses 
and such.

Yesterday morning, the car cranked but would not start after 2 seconds 
of cranking.
Turned ignition switch off and on, and cranked engine and it started 
right away.

> I dont recall having the problem when starting early in the morning, 
> which makes me suspect a temperature related issue with the switch. 
> When cold, the contacts mate correctly. When warmed up, the contacts 
> need a bit of jiggling to make proper contact.

SJ in NJ

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