Cant retract rear caliper pistons on '95 A6 - why screw?

thejimrose thejimrose at
Tue Jun 3 10:40:46 PDT 2008

GASP! you must sell the car immediately. these comments will have angered
the audi gods greatly.

=) i always wondered the same, but never had the nerve to utter aloud. nice
to know about the parking brake and wasn't just german overengineering.

> -----------------------------
> So can someone please explain to me the logic as to why these are made in a
> way that you have to twist and push? Seems idiotic to me - every other car
> I
> have had, you just press them in. The fronts on this car you just press in.
> On this thing, you need a $50 special tool collecting dust in a drawer
> until
> one day every other year that you will need it and cant find it!

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