Small [turbo] Coolant Hose

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Sat Jun 7 00:21:50 PDT 2008

... I personally don't see any reason to couple the two ... if you see a
weeping turbo coolant hose it really isn't that tough to move the pump out
of the way. As to the recommendation to do the other end while you're there
... not necessarily mandatory IMO, but it is a good time to inspect it ... 

This is another one of Audi's Vorsprungs ... we can't simply use a normal
hose and clamp ... we gotta build an assembly with a swaged clamp guaranteed
to leak eventually and cause you to buy a $50 hose assembly instead of $0.50
of stock hose.  I first learned of this hose with the water cooled turbo
adapter kit I put together for my urq.  It is a very simple matter to fit a
short length of hose from the banjo-style fitting on the upper radiator hose
flange on the head to the metal line that crosses between the timing cover
and the head/block.  The only thing I didn't like was that the banjo fitting
didn't have the ridge typically used to hold the hose in place with a
"normal" hose clamp.  Most folks recommend the use of silicone hose ... I'd
tend to agree based on the fact that the hose sits right up against the
head, but it sure didn't look like the factory hose was silicone ... 

Steve B
San José, CA (USA)

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Having the pump out of the way provides the best access.  

Max Hoepli <mhoepli at> wrote:  

Should be changed out when hydraulic pump is changed out?



Not uncommon. As Brett on the 200q20v list.

Hose often gets overlooked because it's in such a difficult place to get to

Max Hoepli wrote:

Hi all,

Unfortunately, was driving on Autobahn at 100km and red triangle warning
light came on, at 80C, temp rose, just before 100C got off Autobahn to
"Fifth Wheel" gas station. Saw that small hose just under where hydraulic
pump attaches to engine was squirting out coolant, lost a bucket full of
coolant. Did not drive car any longer, called CAA, took car on flat bed to
my mechanic. Mechanic says hose leads to turbo charger to cool. Any one had
this problem?

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