Patient: 1988 5kq Intermittant start

syljay syljay at
Tue Jun 10 20:53:45 PDT 2008

Nope, no resolution yet.
Too hot outside to fool around with finding a fix.
The "no start on first crank" appears in the morning also . .at first 
start. We are in a heat wave and I'm wondering if the problem is 
ambient temperature related.

If I crank long enough - 3 to 4 seconds, I'll get a cough or two out 
of the engine. Key off and on and crank, and she starts right off.

I'm wondering if the cold start valve shuts off after a second or two 
at warm temperatures. Shutting ignition off and on recycles the cold 
start valve for another shot of fuel - and the engine now starts.
Which indicates an air leak in the intake system. Too lean a mix for 
starting, but not lean enough for running.

SJ in NJ

> From: "John Gourley" <azaudi at>

>>Patient: 1988 5kq
>>Problem: Intermittant start
>>Engine will crank, but not start.
>>Sometimes, you can hear the engine 'cough' as you turn off the
>>ignition switch from Crank to Run.
>>Turn key off and on again, and it starts right up.
> Was there a solution for the above problem, which was posted a week or so
> ago?  If so, I missed it.
> I've been having a similar situation with my 91 100 front wheeler, stock NF
> engine.   I am experienced a similar thing....not wanting to start up after
> warmed up.  ........
> Puzzling why, after trying to start and it doesn't, I turn the key off and
> immediately back on and without fail it starts
> immediately.......................almost as if by turning off the key and
> right back on, it is resetting something.
> thanks for any thoughts or ideas.
> wish the car worked as good as my trusty old 89 200TQA!
> John Gourley

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