Patient: 1988 5kq Intermittant start

syljay syljay at
Wed Jun 11 06:49:08 PDT 2008

Robert Myers wrote:
> Fuel pressure bleeding off overnight?  Need to run pump for a few 
> seconds to build up fuel pressure until it's high enough to provide fuel 
> to engine.  Maybe?  Try just turning on the ignition and then just 
> sitting there for a few seconds before trying to crank engine.

***** Tried this idea already. Doesnt make any difference.
My normal start procedure is to turn the ignition swittch to "On", 
wait a few seconds, then crank the engine. However, I also tried the 
"no wait procedure" before cranking.
The engine will start on the first crank after it has warmed up. If I 
need to visit a few stores, I have no problems with starting on first 
crank after leaving each store.
The problem will start up if the engine has cooled down enough . .. if 
the temp gauge is back at the bottom, then I may have to crank twice 
to start.

SJ in NJ

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