Robert Myers bob at
Wed Jun 18 10:42:11 PDT 2008

Hi again Y'all,  (I guess I could say "It's me again, Margaret.")

The RS2ed urS6 has been getting only light use recently.  I get it 
out and run it some every week or so and then park it in the garage 
again.  Well, I had an errand to run yesterday and while on that 
errand the ignition hiccuped three or four times.  I brought it home 
intending to run VAG-COM on it and then forgot and turned off the 
ignition before hooking up the laptop.  Duh.  Dope slap time 
dontchaknow.  :-(

Today - another errand.  More hiccups.  This time I didn't forget and 
turn off the ignition.  Hooked up VAG-COM and read the errors - none 
found.  There were no codes at all.  Looks like I'm once again 
encountering an Audi gremlin problem with no clue about where to look.

It feels like a simple quick ignition cut-out.

The car:
1995.5 urS6

The engine related mods:
RS2 turbo,
Samco hoses,
RS2 injectors,
MRC software,
Independently relayed fuel pump

Other mods:
HID lights
Bright dash lights,
Fumoto oil drain valve,

Several other minor mods

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