Additional starter woes..long

Robert Myers bob at
Fri Jun 20 05:46:10 PDT 2008

Sometime, Nick, all you need is the proper tool.  Sometimes that tool 
is a BFH.  As my dear old daddy often told me, "Don't force it, 
son.  Just get a bigger hammer."  :-D


At 08:40 AM 6/20/2008, Nick Lawrence wrote:
>"It's what you learn after you know it all thats important"
>This starter spanked me.
>My wife's '91 100 wouldn't start, at an "off site" location.  I did 
>the proper voltage checks and determined it to be the starter. So I 
>go home to get one from my vast collection of used parts. I checked 
>one out on the floor with jumper cables and a jumper wire. Worked 
>every time. Go back (off site) and install the starter, starts right 
>up, I let it run long enough to re-program the radio, shut it off and NO START.
>Go thru all checks again, still points to starter.   Measure all 
>volts, clean and ohm check all grounds. Put it back together it 
>starts right up.  Do the radio, shut it off and NO START.
>This time I did a proper diagnosis and whacked it with a big hammer. 
>Started right up.
>So back home to get another starter and all is well.
>Nick  central Ohio
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