Re. any 10vt guys left?

Ben Swann benswann at
Sun Jun 22 18:50:28 PDT 2008

10 valve motors are good and so are 20 V motors.  The 10 V motors are great inexpensive
turbo conversions for Coupe GT and 4000 Q.

I've been doing both with no regrets going down either path, keeping or ditching CIS.
Not everyone wants to shell out an additional $2k for a 20V engine setup.   It is all


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I just picked up an '86 MC motor with only 9,600 original miles on it. The car (5000CS
5-speed) was wrecked in 1991, and the motor was pulled and stored inside for 17 years! I
just pulled the pan and valve cover and it is extremely clean as it should be. The head
will come off tomorrow.

I am going to use the longblock, but it has 5 nearly new CIS injectors, the warm-up
regulator (fuel pressure reg?), oil pan, and a perfect exhaust manifold, that I won't
need on this car. I also have the fuel distributor, air box and hoses, and some other
CIS parts from another project. If anyone needs them, or any of the miscellaneous
pieces, let me know.

Rick in Ohio]

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