Replace 1 spring or both?

Huw Powell audi at
Thu Jun 26 11:59:56 PDT 2008

Andrew Duane wrote:
> My mother's 1997 A4Q has a broken rear spring. I'm getting an estimate
> on replacing it with a used one from Chris at Force5 Auto, but the
> mechanic mentioned that it might be best to replace both because of
> sagging. If I was using a new spring, that would make sense. Would it
> also if I was getting a similar vintage used spring? BTW, are the right
> and left rear springs the same part?

I don't know about your vintage/model, but the cars I am more familiar 
with used "matched pairs" of springs.  Ideally you would get both of the 
springs from the donor car and use them both.

Huw Powell

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