Replace 1 spring or both?

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IME broken springs result from stress corrosion cracking initiated at
corrosion pits, but then I do live in the salt belt. When one spring goes,
the others usually aren't far behind. I'd look for a pair of good used
springs with the paint intact. You may want to take a good look at the front
springs to make sure the entire bottom coil is there. If the bottom coil is
rusted, it will eventually break.


Fred Munro
'97 S6 (New used front springs - yup, one broke, replaced both, much better
alignment results)

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My mother's 1997 A4Q has a broken rear spring. I'm getting an estimate
on replacing it with a used one from Chris at Force5 Auto, but the
mechanic mentioned that it might be best to replace both because of
sagging. If I was using a new spring, that would make sense. Would it
also if I was getting a similar vintage used spring? BTW, are the right
and left rear springs the same part?


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