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Lee Levitt lee at
Mon Jun 30 12:00:48 PDT 2008

Ed wrote:

>In my opinion, you should feel cool air from the A/C within a minute
>of begin engaged.  The only delay in climate control operation I am
>familiar with is in cold weather where the production of heat in the
>cabin is delayed until the engine reaches a certain minimum operating
>temp.  I do not know if this applies to your car specifically, however
>it is not relevant to the current question.

There is another quirk of the system, mostly related to heating 
rather than cooling. In the wintertime, if you park in the sun, the 
HVAC sensor on the dash will sense a warm cabin and call for cool air 
even though the rest of the cabin may be cold. I think this is mostly 
with C5 A6 vehicles, but ICBW.


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