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Sat Jun 7 09:06:54 PDT 2008

have written, in full tilt boogie mode (i.e. racing) the automated,
sequential shift manuals are the ultimate for best lap times. THAT's why you
don't see any of the pro-series pilots clamouring for manuals, they want to

Myself, I still prefer 3 pedals. Still haven't had the time to try a DSG
car, but if I had to get a full on slushbox, my vote is for the latest MB 7
speed. It doesn't seem to leave much on the table.


On 8/22/08, Dave <dave.eaton at> wrote:
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> also, rather strangely, i don't see f1 or wrc pilots clamouring for
> manuals?
> dave
> '03 rs6
> '04 allroad tdi
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