repairing a windshield chip?

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Mon Mar 10 06:17:45 PDT 2008

I repaired a chip on my son's car using a FLAPS product. It wasn't difficult, although we did it in February so I don't think it cured properly - it's supposed to be warm. Can't tell you how long it lasted as he totaled the car 2 months later.  Seems to me the kit was around $10, and wasn't difficult to use.
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Subject: repairing a windshield chip?

I picked up a "mondo" sized chip in my windshield when driving to an event
early one morning. Way too many construction trucks on the roads these

The chip is symmetric and off to the passenger side of the windshield. It
hasn't started to spider-web (knock on wood).

I have never had a chip repaired but have been told this is possible. Are
there places in the Bellevue/Seattle WA area that are reputable for this
kind of thing? I want to make sure this does not spread.


'88 80Q, in Bellevue, WA USA

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