'86 5KTQ: Bad alternator or voltage regulator?

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Tue Mar 11 23:42:37 PDT 2008

Peter Golledge wrote:

> Louis,
> I suspect the battery cable "splice" at the firewall... common failure on
> Type 44.
> Start the motor and compare the voltage a the battery terminal with the
> voltage at the jumpstart post.
> You can also check the voltage difference between these points when
> starting.  A large difference means that the splice has a high resistance
> and is likely the reason for your issues.  You can search on Audifans for
> finding/fixing the splice, its under the carpet near the firewall in the
> passenger footwell.  For the three cars I've fixed I used a splice from home
> Depot which was intended for high current mains wiring.

Good advice.  Measure twice, measure again, buy parts once (as you are 
doing by getting things tested).

Also, isn't that splice under the passenger side carpet?

If it's any help at all:


Huw Powell



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