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Ben Swann benswann at
Wed Mar 19 07:50:23 PDT 2008


Try changing the fuel filter.  A loaded up filter will put enough back-pressure on the
pump to cause the internal check valving to divert flow to the return and a
corresponding buzz.  Other culprits are – clogged intake/pre-filter, sock or any
restriction in pump intake.  Reduced voltage to the pump might contribute.  Lastly, the
pump may be going bad, but IMO, something causes this to happen – dirt from the tank
getting into the pump  or restriction causing cavitation.  Heat will aggravate a failing

I recently chased similar noise and all of the above contributed to one degree or
another – I’m talking about different cars, pumps, layouts – internal and external pump,
but the general suggestions above apply in all cases.  In the end, often what seems like
a failing pump is generally something else – I’ve even had pumps buzz for years without
failure and buzzing occur when new pump installed and one or more of the above problems


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Subject: Fuel Tank Vent Update-
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Victim is 87 4kcsq.  Issue has been fuel pump noise. 
I've been afraid to go out of town with it, had an in-town mission & tried taking off
the gas cap to go home.  Pump was nice & quiet, unlike lately.  Got to the end of my
driveway & it got loud & stayed loud
until I shut off engine.  I spoze I'll try it again for the next in-town mission.  Could
be going-bad fuel pump + fuel tank vent.
Somewhat related- I'm not sure whether to fix it or forget it, located in Az, 1 hour
from Tucson & 2 hours from Phoenix.  Anybody know of an Audi wizard somewhere around
here?  Other side- anybody want to
make an offer?

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