Slow Tire Leak

Huw Powell audi at
Wed Mar 19 09:10:55 PDT 2008

> Realized that a slow tire leak is not such an unique problem. Garage charged
> $20.00 per tire and rim, removed tire from rim, cleaned, installed new tire
> valve, coated inner rim with some substance.
> Anyone know with what substance?

Rim goop ;)

Personally, I have had good luck ever since I started mounting my own 
tires, giving the rims a quick wire brushing and making sure to get a 
nice smearing of rim goop on the rim edges.  Generally speaking, no slow 
leaks for the life of the tires.

Next door they just "upgraded" from the handheld wire brush to a nice 
air powered tool, with two different brush heads, one for steel and one 
for alloy.

If one just shucks the old tires and throws new ones on, one is almost 
guaranteed to get one or two slow leaks out of four tires.  Rims must be 
cleaned and gooped.

> Guy in garage said you should go another winter with those tires and  rim
> until I'll have to do the same process again. Maybe was kidding.

You should be good to go (see comment above), but he may be talking from 
experience/covering his butt in that it only works for so long, 
depending on rim condition.

Huw Powell

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