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Huw Powell audi at
Fri Mar 21 19:46:14 PDT 2008

Reality is such a wet blanket :)

Chris Semple wrote:
> Unless you had declared/stated value insurance, I wouldn't expect them to
> pay for any aftermarket parts. They were insuring it for a set predictable
> amount, which then dictated the premium you pay. You can't change the
> equation by saying it's worth "more", but then having never paid the premium
> for "more". I'll agreed with Ben in that documentation/records will help the
> case, but the best you can hope for would be "above avg condition" for the
> year/model. Your service history/pics/car shows etc will help to convince
> the adjuster that yours is worth, whatever, +15% more than an avg example.
> The chipped ecu and stereo can come out/resold easily. A new blower motor
> doesn't enhance a '91 cars value, just like an inop one doesn't degrade your
> valueation. It's assumed that what came on the car is functional(not that
> they check). That's why they deduct for previous physical damage.
> 2700$ salvage value? Ah, no. The insurance co has to pay storage at the
> bodyshop, towing to auction, auction house cut, and paperwork involved in
> the processing. Unless we're defining the term differently, salvage value
> would be the dollar value reclaimed by the ins co when the salvage is sold
> off at auction(or before). Most often it's the avg of the last 5 (same) cars
> that sold for them.

Huw Powell

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