Headlamps- 1985 4000S Quattro

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Fri Mar 21 22:21:19 PDT 2008

> Alternatetively you can try to find the bezels for the rare 85 import UrQ
> that properly mated to the 85-87 Coupe/4K (okay 86 w/rt 4K's) grille but
> allowed the use of 4 x 6 (100 mm x 150 mm) Euro H4 and H1 drop in headlights
> like what came in 82 - 84 Coupes/4K's. IF you can find the bezels, the lamps
> are MUCH cheaper, and they'll have all of the lighting of the vaunted Euros
> (since they are Euros). FWIW, even same sized US sealed beams outperform the
> "aero" US DOT lamps on the 85-up 4K's and coupes, they actually work as
> lamps instead of glorified markers.

Or retrofit pre-85 coupe/4k brackets & some trim.

Or play custom:


Huw Powell



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