Headlamps- 1985 4000S Quattro (UrQ too?

Ben Swann benswann at verizon.net
Sat Mar 22 09:59:21 PDT 2008

On this thought, I have the earlier style where you can just replace the square lights.
I currently have some fairly decent and one I think is an H4 halogen ( or equivalent).
I just don’t seem to be getting the light output I’d expect – OK but nothing like the
Eurolight setups on my Type 44’s.  I still need to relay the system and am sure that
will help and is present action item.

I’m just wondering what are the best available lights I can install into those locations
for low and high beams.  I would think I could get some pretty decent lighting if I just
put the best ones I can in there.

I don’t want to install any eurolights since I like the look of the quad four light
setup and even had some custom integrated covers fabricated into the bezels  - asked if
any interest in these some time back, but folks did not want to pay what it cost to have
them manufactured.  I still have the molds, but they aren’t cheap – the Lucite is at
least $60 for the material then add the fabrication cost and they ended up being over
$150 for the set.  Not making a plug to sell these because it would likely end up being
more trouble than worth for me, but if enough interest, I’ll look into it again.

My main question here is if there are some decent lights I can install into the pre-85
quad light setup?  Maybe what you are talking about below.  Good source for these?


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Alternatetively you can try to find the bezels for the rare 85 import UrQ that properly
mated to the 85-87 Coupe/4K (okay 86 w/rt 4K's) grille but allowed the use of 4 x 6 (100
mm x 150 mm) Euro H4 and H1 drop in headlights like what came in 82 - 84 Coupes/4K's. IF
you can find the bezels, the lamps are MUCH cheaper, and they'll have all of the
lighting of the vaunted Euros (since they are Euros). FWIW, even same sized US sealed
beams outperform the "aero" US DOT lamps on the 85-up 4K's and coupes, they actually
work as lamps instead of glorified markers.

LL – NY]

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