4000s headlamps

Lee Levitt lee at wheelman.com
Sat Mar 22 11:44:43 PDT 2008

At 01:54 PM 3/22/2008, Rick wrote:

>There is an HID conversion on ebay for about 90 bones a light for 
>the low beams.  My friend darryl did it with good results.  He says 
>not to bother upgrading the brights because the dims are so good you 
>will never need them.

I did an aftermarket HID conversion on my S6 and I would not do it 
again. Quality of the aftermarket equipment is spotty and if you need 
a replacement bulb or ballast you're screwed. You essentially have to 
buy another kit. I also didn't like the wobble in the doctored bulbs.

On my son's and wife's C4 A6s, I did OEM upgrades using TT projectors 
and A6 electronics. Uses standard bulbs, and when I need to replace a 
bulb or a ballast, it's off the shelf. More work but a better result.

You don't upgrade high beams to HID. You occasionally need your high 
beams to flash (one lane bridge, car pulling out from side, 
overtaking, etc), and the HIDs don't respond quickly enough.

Oh, and by the way, please sign your emails. It's a matter of courtesy.



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