Wanted - Timing belt tools 2079 and 2084

syljay syljay at optonline.net
Sun Mar 23 21:44:30 PDT 2008

Tony Hoffman wrote:
> I built a locking tool, and it does not require removing the front
> end. Also, I use a socket (24 or 27mm) with a 24" breaker bar to get
> the center bolt out. Just did one the other day on an NF 1990 Audi
> 100, no problems. I do remove the front end, however, simply to make
> cleaning and seal replacement easier.
***** Do you have a picture of the locking tool that you built? Or a 
description of the tool?
I have not taken apart the front end yet. Are there any "issues" with 
removing the front end sheet metal?

> On the flip side, my tool required a welder to make, and I realize not
> everyone has access to one.
***** I might be able to borrow a MIG a welder from my neighbor. If 
you have some plans for the tool, I'd appreciate it. Maybe draw a 
quick sketch in MS Paint.

SJ in NJ

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