Early AC compressor questions/WTB/rebuild kit, fasteners etc..

Ben Swann benswann at verizon.net
Wed Mar 26 06:00:27 PDT 2008

Funny how I've become so much better at identifying metric fasteners.  


They were definitely not metric.  I found some Grade 8.8 common bolts that fit. They are
SAE 3/8 16 TPI.


I suppose every now and then a non-metric fastener is used with a part that was not
manufactured in the Fatherland.  Etka identifies the bolt as 

Screw, Hex Head and only calls for 5 - there are 6  - the one that holds the hose mount
may have been different, but I simply chased all threads to 3/8.  


I think the hose clamp retaining bolt is SAE too.  These compress the hose fitting into
the compresser and look like 5/16 20 TPI but I need to verify that.





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Can anyone verify that the retaining Bolts that screw into the compressor are SAE and
not Metric?  These are the ones that bolt in both top and bottom  - clamping the unit
between the mounting brackets.

Nothing scientific here but my AC mounting bracket bolts do not seem to be metric thread
size or pitch. That is to say they don't match any of my other Audi fasteners. The
curious part is a 1/2" wrench won't fit the head and a 9/16" is loose.

Are they the dreaded Whitwurth or some such eclectic oddball?!?!?



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