AC compressor questions/WTB/rebuild kit, etc..

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Wed Mar 26 06:29:38 PDT 2008

I don't own an earlier 4kq or cgt, but I did find a rebuild kit for the
york compressor on the later cars.  It may be the same, just with
different fittings, I have no idea.

My 2001 message from the archives (which seem to be much more searchable
than a few months ago.  I couldn't find this a while back):

The service manual is still on the cci site, under the support tab.

>I've been trying to track down a seal kit for the York compressor for
my >4kq
>for several months now.  I guess I am just stubborn, as I could have
>bought a rebuilt one and not have suffered through this much of the
>Well yesterday, after another day of driving for an hour with no air
>conditioning, in the 95 degree heat, while wearing work boots and
jeans, I
>got sick of it.  I made a last ditch effort to find the seal kit
>I happened to find a company called CCi compressor that now owns
>Borg-Warner's air conditioning division, which makes compressors under
>name.... York!  
>Anyhow, they have a seal kit that they advertise on their site, which
>used for freightliner trucks.  Apparently, freightliner uses York
>compressors, which are the same style used on the Audi.  The gentleman
>the site told me to get in touch with my friendly local freightliner
>who was able to order the front seal kit for me.
>Cost of the seal kit, which includes the o-ring, felt seal, centering
>and the bolts required was $15.  Part number (cci number - 488-25274)
>I also ordered the full gasket kit for the compressor, which has every
>gasket in the compressor.  It was part number 488-16316  $6  (this was
>little harder for them to get, but they found it right away)
>The freightliner place had to look up the part numbers to find out what
>freightliner part number was, but I wasn't able to get those.
>The full service manual is even on the site with pictures, part
numbers, >and
>a full procedures for clutch, front seal, head, and baseplate removal
>The only other thing that I am aware of that you might need, is a
>removal tool.  It is an adjustable spanner wrench, and a bolt.  The
>wrench is used to hold the clutch in place, and the bolt backs the
>off when you tighten it.  I was able to get those from my buddy at the
>dealership, but I think they may be available at a FLAPS.

Good Luck!
Greg Roa
Cincinnati, OH
00' Jetta Tdi
92' 100qa
86' 4kq
87' 5ktq
83' 944

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>Subject: Early AC compressor questions/WTB/rebuild kit, etc..
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>Subject: ?83 Ur Quattro with early style square YORK compressor
>1.	Is there a rebuild kit available for these.
>2.	Does anyone have a known good ? no leaks good cooling unit they
want >to sell.
>I?d retrofit to a newer style, but I need the one with the yoke lock
>connections that
>retain the lines ? not the screw on compression fitting ones.
>I think these also come on the earlier 4000s, CGTs and 4kqs.

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