aha rebuild

Bill Shaw b.shaw at comcast.net
Thu Mar 27 06:59:04 PDT 2008

Yes,  bought Bentley when I bought the car.  I have not been able to 
find this hose in Bentley,  and unfortunately it does not have part 
numbers.  I also have Ekta,  and found only one reference to the hose 
there,  with a poor drawing that does not give much detail.



Cody Forbes wrote:
> Bill Shaw wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Is there another Audi list somewhere that is more technical in nature?
>> Maybe one where there would be more interest in a 30v engine rebuild?
> Not that I know of. I've had the top end apart on several, but never 
> the bottom end. Do you have the Bentley manual?
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