Need center to center measurement for Tool 2079

Tony Hoffman auditony at
Fri Mar 28 06:10:53 PDT 2008

One other thing when talking about using a torque wrench. There is a
general 20/80 ruse when working with them. That is, you want to use
the range from 20% of it's capacity to 80% of it's capacity. If you go
over or under that, they are a bit inaccurate. Torque wrenches are
calibrated in the center of their adjustment range.

Tony Hoffman

On Sat, Mar 29, 2008 at 1:45 AM, George Selby <gselby4x4 at> wrote:>
> Furthermore, I think the net result is you need 332 ft-lbs at the
> crank bolt, which means calculations attempting to give 258 ft-lbs at
> the crank would be wrong.  Tool 2079 gives some extra leverage which
> means 258 ft-lbs at the tool will result in 332 ft-lbs at the crank
> bolt.  I can't remember enough physics to remember how to multiply
> torque with an extension.
> What I'm thinking that you're thinking right now is:  Tool 2079
> assumes you can get a 258 ft-lb torque wrench.  You want to know how
> much longer you need to make your 2079 tool (let's call it 2079a) so
> that you can use your lower capacity torque wrench.

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