aha rebuild

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Fri Mar 28 09:34:01 PDT 2008

> Looking under the hood again,  I found a hose going nowhere (part of the 
> canister purge circuit?) ,  and the 374-b hose fits nicely.  I still 
> don't find where the other end should fit though.
> I took another pic:
> http://b.shaw.home.comcast.net/~b.shaw/audi/eng_bay.jpg
> The 374-b hose is circled in red.  It's plugged into a short twisted 
> hose that's 'T'ed into the hose that runs straight across the back of 
> the bay (marked in yellow).  I'm not sure it goes there but seems to lay 
> in there OK,  just have nothing to plug the other end into.

Another thought - doesn't your car have one of those spaghetti diagrams 
for emissions hoses stuck under the hood?  Or did they stop doing that?

(Like some cars have serpentine belt diagrams stuck to the center 
support - others have it drawn on the wheel well in chalk ;))

Huw Powell



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