aha rebuild

Bill Shaw b.shaw at comcast.net
Fri Mar 28 10:38:10 PDT 2008

Actually,  there IS a sticker there.  The canister purge circuit is 
shown and I can pull a vacuum on the circuit in the car. 

I'm starting to wonder if somebody added this '374' hose during a 
service at some point in its life.  Referring to my last 'eng_bay.jpg',  
the short twisted hose is 078 133 394.  Apparently the AHA is supposed 
to have the 394 and the ATQ is supposed to have the 374.  I have both.


Huw Powell wrote:
>> Looking under the hood again,  I found a hose going nowhere (part of 
>> the canister purge circuit?) ,  and the 374-b hose fits nicely.  I 
>> still don't find where the other end should fit though.
>> I took another pic:
>> http://b.shaw.home.comcast.net/~b.shaw/audi/eng_bay.jpg
>> The 374-b hose is circled in red.  It's plugged into a short twisted 
>> hose that's 'T'ed into the hose that runs straight across the back of 
>> the bay (marked in yellow).  I'm not sure it goes there but seems to 
>> lay in there OK,  just have nothing to plug the other end into.
> Another thought - doesn't your car have one of those spaghetti 
> diagrams for emissions hoses stuck under the hood?  Or did they stop 
> doing that?
> (Like some cars have serpentine belt diagrams stuck to the center 
> support - others have it drawn on the wheel well in chalk ;))

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